About Sudsy


I'm Jason Gibson, the designer, artist and illustrator behind Sudsy McBones. Over the years, I've worked for several design firms and financial institutions, designing brochures, bank pamphlets, collateral systems, and even websites. While I've gained some valuable experience and created some excellent work for those companies. Working for someone else has never allowed me to create my own, unique designs and illustrations that I love.

After a bit of time and a lot of thinking, I decided to form a side-business to create those fun and unique designs for t-shirts and other products without restrictions from others.

Armed with my love of pop culture, comics, video games, art, and design, Sudsy McBones was born. If you like the artwork or the products, buy some stuff. Or if you want to say hi, send me a note, that's always rad too.

Stay awesome,

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